Deuce Frame Kit

Cruisin Products is now offering a Deuce Frame Kit. Intended for those who want to build their own perimeter frame, Cruisin Products has put together the best components on the market.


The list of components include:

* Stamped 32 Frame Rails (10 gauge) with the rear C notch

* Boxing plates with the rear matching C notch

* Model A front crossmember ( thicker and wider than other crossmembers)

* Tubular 8 pt X Member Kit with removable trans mount

* Rear crossmember with shock mounts

Each set of frame rails are detailed in our shop to replicate Henrys original rails.The detailing of these rails offers the closest reproduction Deuce rails on the market. A service we have developed to set these rails apart, only from Cruisin Products.

The Deuce Frame Kit has been engineered to provide a perimeter frame that can accommodate any engine and transmission. This versatile kit can be upgraded with several options. Contact Cruisin Products for options and pricing.



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